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If you are currently held back by pain, inflammation, injury, illness, lack of energy, loss of performance or debilitating signs of aging  and want to return to an active, healthy and full-filled life, you have come to the right place.

Not only will I promise you relief through Intrinsic Bodywork, but I will teach you how to identify and address the root cause of your symptoms.

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MELT®METHOD & MOVEMENT (click image to shop MELT® tools)

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The Melt®Method is a simple self-treatment technique that helps you identify and address the Root Cause of your symptoms. Erase pain, inflammation,  accelerated signs of aging and start to regain health, well-being and accelerated performance. 

Life is Movement - Movement is Life!


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My unique approach combines  Rolf Structural Integration ("Rolfing"), Cupping Therapy, Muscle Energy Techniques and Craniosacral Therapy to serve YOUR needs in the most efficient way. Experience bodywork tailored to YOU yielding long lasting results by learning what you can do to move through your life with greater ease. 



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Meet Karin

My Passion

I love the outdoors - all of it! Riding the desert, climbing and skiing the mountains, rafting the rivers, enjoying the sun and snow - physical health is a requirement. I am fascinated with sciences of the human body. I moved from Jackson Hole to Colorado in 2014 so I could afford a yard and grow veggies. Playing music and dancing are also favorites of mine. Lastly - I love my cat Freddy.

My Path

Not being able to do what lights up one's heart and spirit is tough, and I have had my share of sitting on the injured bench and watching life go by from the sidelines. 

Not only is it physically painful, but it separates you from your playmates and recovery takes time. You could call me injury-prone, I acquired Lyme Disease early in life and I inherited a depressed outlook on the world...

Intelligent Bodywork in combination with discovering the MELT®METHOD an efficient self-treatment system got me right back on track, so I can enjoy an active and fulfilled life.

It can do the same for YOU.

My Pursuit

After acquiring a Master of Science in Germany, I develop and lead Corporate Health Management Programs and taught Functional Movement Fitness. I relocated to the US where I worked for the Ski Industry. Pushed by my own health struggles I decided to identify and address the root cause of my problems rather than chasing after symptoms. Now, a professional 'Fascia Expert', I help others do the same.

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