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EMBODY HEALTH 4-Week MELT® Method Series - Erase Pain and Inflammation from Your Life.

Boost your immune system and eliminate pain, discomfort, inflammation, fatigue and signs of accelerated aging. Learn how easy it is to  Recharge, Rebalance and Rehydrate your tissues by Releasing the accumulated stress from a busy day at work, play or both. Experience  immediate positive changes in your body during and after your workshop  from using simple and effective self-treatment techniques on your feet, hands  and entire body. The perfect way to  get a MELT® practice in a bag, so you easily can take it on the road with you. 

WHEN: Tuesdays Nov. 13 - Dec. 4, 2018 5:15-6:15 pm

WHERE: 249 Grand Avenue, Downtown Grand Junction, CO

COST includes Custom MELT Ball Kit only available through the Workshop and all sessions as digital printouts.  $ 115.-

Pre-Registration required by 11/6/2018! SPACE IS LIMITED!

Call 307.690.1571 or email: intrinsicbodyworks@gmail.com

Payment Options:

To use PayPal click here or mail check made to Karin Denny to 120 Columbine  Dr, Grand Junction, CO 81507