I asked  my past clients for some feedback so I could meet my clients needs better and give you some idea about the quality of my work. Please read for yourself in the following comments:

I have had the pleasure of working with Karin Denny in multiple aspects, as a client for Structural Integration, as well as sharing mutual clients who were concurrently receiving physical therapy treatment by me. Karin has an impeccable ability to assess static and dynamic aspects of posture, to effectively treat dysfunctional patterns through manual techniques, and to give productive home exercises to integrate new movement patterns into daily life. Karin’s vast knowledge of movement mechanics throughout an array of occupations in personalized health management and sports also allows her to be able to individually relate manual techniques and home exercises to many different types of professionals in their occupations, and to recreational or competitive athletes in their pursuits. As a physical therapist, I have immensely enjoyed working in conjunction with Karin in order to achieve client goals in the quickest and most efficient fashion possible. Investing your time and resources into Rolf Structural Integration with Karin Denny will definitely change your body mechanics and will enhance your ability to work without pain and restrictions, so you can maintain your greatest passions and quality of life. Andrea Dillon, PT, DPT – Jackson, WY

The work that I did with Karin can only be described as a “life changer “, for the first time in years I am pain free. Through her practice I was able to learn the reasons behind my physical discomfort and work towards correcting it. The session work and at home exercises created a pathway for me to make subtle changes so each session there was positive growth. Anytime I feel an old pain, I use the tools that Karin taught me to correct my posture and the pain goes away. * no longer am I wearing my shoulders for earrings! I had NO idea that I did that & that it was a culprit to much of my shoulder and neck pain. Through the session work that I did with Karin I was able to have an understanding of how Rolfing could change everything that was misaligned. The changes were subtle but the understanding of how & why Rolfing can help make you pain free was huge. I can’t stress enough the positive changes that have come from my work with Karin. Lesa S., Teacher

Karin is extremely skilled in her discipline and completely in tune with one’s body. One of the best therapist we have ever had.

Ilene & Howard, Chicago

Shoulder surgery rocked my world, my body and my spirit. I was experiencing chronic lower back and shoulder pain. I tried seeing lots of different people in town, chiropractors, massage therapists, etc. nothing changed, until my girl Karin came into life, my female Popeye!!!

After a Rolfing Structural Integration 10-series with Karin, I can honestly say my body feels different. It was as if she started me over, renewed things. She showed me how to be mindful of the way i move, so hopefully I will not fall into old patterns. Karin is truly missed in the Tetons!

Darbi N., Outdoor Enthusiast

“Karin has a wonderful way about her. She not only listens to your needs and helps with specific issues, but remembers from one week to the next what was happening with your body. My response to her healing was both physical and mental and has created for me a new way to think about how I move and how I treat my body. Amazing!”
Allison L., Jackson WY

We feel lucky we were able to work with Karin last winter, 2014. She is skilled, caring and very knowledgeable in her field of Rolfing, Yoga and Body Structure. She assesses, observes and understands how the body moves, then works to balance by building a better foundation. Given the opportunity to work with her again, we would not hesitate.

Mary Jo & John D., Maine

I guess one of the best things I can say about Karin is that I really, really, really wish she hadn’t moved to Grand Junction.  She’s one of the very few bodyworkers who was actually able to change things for me.

Jim L., Jackson, WY