RATES & SPECIALS – Structural Integration & Movement Education

Start with a FREE CONSULTATION  today. Call 307.690.1571 to schedule 15-20 min.


75 min Structural Integration* per  Session

Sessions are $ 100.-

Give the Gift of  Well-Being Certificates available at $ 90

*appropriate MELT®Method techniques and Cupping Therapy will be integrated as needed for the best lasting pain relieve and lasting functional results.



60 min One on One MELT® Session – can be shared with a friend!

$85.- for 1 person or 95.- for 2 people.


75 min Group MELT®Sessions at a location of your choice:

Base Price of $ 95.- for first 2 people plus $ 10.- for any additional person.

(E.g. 6 people pay $95.- plus 4 x $10.-, so $135.- or $22.-/person.)


The 3 Session Jump Start Package


The best place to start is a 60 min PRIVATE MELT. This gives us the opportunity to discuss your personal needs and goals and start with a home practice that day.

MELT sessions are $ 85.-/ 60 min and include a follow-up email with instructions for your personal home practice.


Of course, you can share a session with another person which would be a more general practice to fit both your needs. This would be appropriate, if you are experiencing similar physical conditions (eg. low back pain) or you are both involved in similar daily activities which might be causing compensations and imbalances in your bodies (eg. yoga, golf, biking, running, climbing). Semi-private sessions are $ 95.-/60 min and both get a follow-up email with the practice instructions.


The materials to get started are a Hand and Foot Treatment kit, as well as a MELT® Soft Foam roller both available through me at a discounted price in conjunction with investing in a 3-Session Jump Start Package.  The intent of 3 sessions is to support you in learning, understanding and applying new information, developing a new habit – to practice every day – and to discuss any questions so you get most out of your investment of $ 385.-

This would include:

  • H&F kit: normally $ 49.99 + shipping is $ 45 all incl.
  • Melt Roller: normally 69.99 + shipping is $ 65.- all incl.
  • 3 x 60 min private sessions developing your Personal Melt Progression incl. continued support
  • Participation in 3 x 60 min Melt Method Group Classes to get refreshed and continuously develop your practice. I offer various weekly drop-in classes to choose from. Drop-in any time at no additional cost.

MELT® Class on Thursdays:


*Special Events

I also offer MELT® Method Workshops and Intro-Series

Attend one of those to master the techniques of this powerful Self-Treatment Method to eliminate Discomfort, Pain, Inflammation, Digestive and Sleeping Issues as well as other signs of “STUCK STRESS”. Experience how easy it is to make immediate changes in just minutes!

Find more information about when and where these events take place here:


More (Semi-)Private Options:

Neuromuscular Re-patterning Exercises, Body Awareness and Functional Movement as well as Core Strengthening and Yoga Therapy tailored to your individual needs and  goals: $75.-/hr. Call for Specific training program options


Corporate Programs:

Ergonomic Worksite Assessments and Health Education Programs for Employees. Call for Custom Programs & Rates. 307.690.1571Corporate health