Movement Education

Through the Melt Method Self-Treatment techniques, Neural RE-Patterning and Functional Exercises as well as Body Awareness Education you can reduce and even reverse any adverse effects that injury/trauma, repetitive patterns, unhealthy habits and life circumstances, birth defects or disease might have had. Furthermore, you can grow and enhance your performance in work, life, play and competition to get closer to your true potential.

How? – Let me help you!

I offer Movement Education Sessions based on my studies (MSc Sports Science), my Training in Anusara Yoga, Certification as Advanced Melt Method Instructor, my background as a competitive athlete as well as my previous career as a worksite ergonomics consultant.

I believe – and get reminded every day – that life events and how we use our body in the gravitational field of the earth shapes us.images

If we are fighting gravity in any way – we eventually will loose! But there is hope! If we learn to align our structure through body work, awareness and  re-training optimally, we can simply use gravity and its ground reaction force to literally get uplifted – finding space and length, lightness and ease in our body and as a result in our spirit.

To win, we need our Intrinsic Muscles to be awake and alive. They are a big part of proprioception, muscle tone, range of motion, ease and movement efficiency. A common source of pain and discomfort is lack of use and training of the whole range of those deep muscles. Our “intrinsics” stabilize our structure allowing its parts to play together  harmoniously. If there is any imbalance, the body falls into inefficient and  harmful compensation patterns which make inappropriate use of your large extrinsic muscles resulting in discomfort and pain, lack of energy and limited performance.

In my Structural Integration as well as my Movement Education classes and private sessions, I emphasize body awareness and use of  intrinsic muscles to accomplish first simple and then more challenging tasks. Programs are specifically designed to meet your personal needs and performance goals as well as the demands of your specific work and life environment and circumstances.