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Do you have body aches and pains? Are you looking for simple ways to self-care for your body?

Add this simple self-treatment MELT Method to your life and improve your efficiency and performance in your fitness routine, while enhancing daily life by: Improving digestion, sleeping, and reducing inflammation, accumulated stress, and chronic pain symptoms.

Find Intro Workshops, 4-week MELT Hand & Foot Series, Specialty Workshops and ongoing classes below.

Intro events will introduce you to simple self-care tools and techniques which allow you to experience how easy it is to create change in your body regarding misalignment, chronic pain, and negative effects associated with aging. They empower you to apply the techniques you learn on your own so you can address your symptoms of “Stuck Stress” by targeting their the root cause.



Recharge, Rebalance and Rehydrate your body by Releasing the accumulated stress from a busy day at work, at play or both.

(prior participation in Intro Event/ one-on-one session suggested!)

Class Cost: Drop-ins are $ 15.-/ 5-punch $ 60.-/ 10-punch $ 100.-

For Questions please call Karin at 307.690.1571