It’s time to say Good-Bye to Pain and eliminate it’s root cause Now!

intrinsic       inˈtrinzik,inˈtrinsik

adjective; belonging naturally; essential: “access to the arts is intrinsic to a high quality of life”

Evening Walk in Aspen Grove

Rolf Structural Integration (“Rolfing”) in combination with Movement Education can lead to profound changes in your physical structure, perception, self-confidence and can help you reach your highest potential. Rolf Structural Integration (“Rolfing”) restores a balanced relationship between the connective tissue (“Fascia”)and other structural elements of your body. It eliminates harmful compensation patterns and enhances pain free, functional and efficient movement in everyday life, recreation and training performance.

Karin Denny is the only certified Melt Method Instructor in Grand Junction, CO where she offers special events and workshops as well as private instruction to empower you to address pain and other chronic symptoms with this simple self-care technique.

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