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KARIN B. DENNY – Founder/Owner of “IntrinsicBodyWorks” since 2012

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My own account:

I started my life in Germany where I grew up playing tons of Sports, some competitively, and enjoying the great outdoors of the Alps in winter and summer seasons. My early engagement in musical performance was another key aspect for me.

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Where I came from explains my interests in health, wellness, fitness and how to reach one’s full potential  in everyday life and athletic performance. Later, based on my scientific approach to life I took my MSc in Sports Science with a major in Social Psychology and Health Management to work as a consultant for work site ergonomics and health management training programs in Germany – and now here. Since 1997, an internship with the National Sports Center for the Disabled (Winter Park, CO) led me to create a life in the US where I used my background to enrich people’s lives teaching skiing, directing a summer resort activities program and ski patrolling in later years.

A major injury and the following 3 years of recovery brought me to more deeply inquire and engage with my purpose in the world – serving people with providing them with the ability and  tools for a better life experience – on and off the ground:

Without discomfort, pain, a constant little nag in the back of your head – even when you are doing what you love – Free of perceived limitations about yourself and your social and natural environment.

Throughout this process I completed a 200 Hr accredited Anusara Yoga Teacher Training which allows me now to share this sensible, systematic and therapeutic approach to an ancient wisdom with great attention to alignment and balanced effort in class and  private settings. While I saw great benefits in people’s bodies, minds and  well-being from practicing Yoga, my journey didn’t stop there – I wanted to dive deeper where I could meet each individual’s needs in a more specific way. Interestingly enough, I had run into that urge throughout all my previous offerings in classes, health management, movement education and  wellness programs.

I knew, there was something more to help my own struggle with injury rehabilitation, and everyone out there to “get unstuck” and allow greater freedom into their body, mind and perceived limitations in aspects of their lives.  My quest intuitively pointed me towards Rolf Structural Integration, also known as “Rolfing”, which I had encountered in my school work years ago. Fascinated once more by such a sensible, systematic and client centered approach with undeniable, instant felt and visible results, I dove into the program to become a Practitioner of Rolf Structural Integration in 2011 and got certified in 2013.

I guess, I cannot deny my German origin in that the systematic approach, efficiency and measurable results are key. These aspects not only changed the way of my own recovery and life, but the life of people I have worked with during school, as well as in my own practice. Seeing and listening to these stunning and amazing transformations is rewarding beyond measure for me and I am honored and grateful to finally be able to meet each person’s needs in such a specific way. People that recover from early and late trauma, athletes that grow their potential and train injury free, moms that recover from childbirth, musicians that release chronic holding patterns and are able to practice comfortably, insomniacs that find rest, Yogis that advance their poses and many more…

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